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Picking Up Girls - Pickup lines – Pickup artist – PUA

Picking Up Girls Guide

picking up girls guideWhen it comes to getting out there, it all comes down to one thing: How to pick up girls. So how do you do it, picking up girls you just met? How do you become a god-tier pickup artist master of The Game like Neil “Style” Strauss? Read on to learn more about how to pick up girls, how to pick up the right girls and how to pick up girls the right way.

Easy to Follow Picking Up Girls Guide:

It All Starts With Image

Who are you? Or rather, who do you want to be? That’s the cornerstone of how to pick up girls: Knowing what type of man you want to be and figuring out how you get there. You can do a little “fake it until you make it” and “act as if” along the way. Ultimately, however, you want to pick up the right girls for the type of man that you want to be and that involves becoming that man. Start by analyzing where you’re at, where you want to be and how you can get there.

The Rules of the Game and the Stylelife Challenge inside can help you transform into the type of man that you want to be in 30 days. You’ll even learn how to pick up girls along the way.

Set the Hook

A lot of men make one big mistake when it comes to picking up women: They think they have to do too much too soon. When you first start talking to a woman, the name of the game is getting her interested and piquing her curiosity. Be playful, make her laugh, make her smile but also show that you’re a high value man who doesn’t need her approval and certainly isn’t out to impress her. That’s the first step toward picking up a girl: Getting her interested while also being your own man.

Start Connecting

Once you’ve got her interested in talking more, you can start working a little more actively toward picking up the girl that you’re talking to. What you want to do here is chit chat, get to know her and start creating a connection. Keep things light and see if you can’t get the woman that you’re trying to pick up away from her friends for a little bit of alone time and private conversation.

Show Some Interest

A lot of men think that when they’re trying to pick up girls that it’s poisonous to show interest. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Women crave the approval of men. The problem is that they mostly get it in the form of compliments about physical appearance. You want to show the girl that you’re trying to pick up that you’re interested in her for more than just what she looks like or how she dresses. Give her a genuine compliment about anything that’s not physical. That’s the best way to really get her interested in you.

Start Really Getting to Know Each Other

Once you’ve shown interest, it’s time to start really getting to know one another. You don’t have to make things super serious and heavy. In fact, you should keep them relatively light. However, you can start creating connections here based on shared interests and passions. This is the point in the conversation where you two really start getting to know one another. Forming these types of emotional bonds is the name of the game when it comes to creating serious, sustained, long-term attraction, which is exactly what you’re trying to create.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The power of touch is a secret weapon in the tool kit of any man who knows how to pick up women. It’s something that most men don’t have a clue about and it can really level up your game, having you at the head of the pack. You don’t need to be all over her, in fact you shouldn’t be: Simple touches in “safe,” socially acceptable places like her arms, hands and upper back are great ways to bridge the gap between the two of you, give her tacit permission to start touching you and create a subtle, subconscious intimacy between you and the woman that you’re trying to pick up.

Try this the next time that you want to pick up a girl and see how big of a difference it makes in terms of your game.

Romance Her

Now you’ve made it to the point where you can really start picking her up with romance. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to be planning your wedding. It just means that you’re explicitly bringing a more sexual vibe into the conversation. This is where you escalate, be more sexual and physical. At this point, you should have laid the groundwork and flipped all of her attraction triggers.

Picking up girls isn’t easy for everyone, but it’s not something that any man can’t learn. Pay attention to the simple processes that you need to do and you can create attraction every time.

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