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Picking Up Girls - Pickup lines – Pickup artist – PUA

Pick Up Artist (PUA)

pick up artist puaAn often misunderstood term, the term “pick up artist” first gained mainstream notoriety in 2005 with the publication of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by bestselling author Neil Strauss who founded the world’s first “Attraction Academy”. The book immediately attracted widespread press coverage — and controversy — for its unflinching depiction of a dork transforming himself into a true ladies man.

Casanova was a Pick Up Artist

However, the idea of a man devoting himself to improving his skills with women is not a new concept. History is full of people who invested significant time and energy into building the social lives of their dreams. Go all the way back to 1700′s and read historical accounts of Giacomo Casanova. His exploits were so well-known that his name became synonymous with an adventurous love life. He might not have used terms like “neg” and “push-pull” but make no mistake, Casanova was a pick up artist for his time.

The Game became an international bestseller and was translated into dozens of movies. Popular feature films like Hitch and Crazy, Stupid, Love continued a centuries old tradition of featuring pick up artists in entertainment, dating all the way back to Don Juan in the 1600′s and Vicomte de Valmont in Les Liasons Dangereuses in the late 1700′s.

Today, pick up artist is a term that some embrace, while other adherents prefer the term “social artist.” Ultimately, the label itself doesn’t matter. Whatever the name, the bottom line is that for centuries men have existed who don’t believe in simply waiting for fate, or the right time, or some vague, external force to bring them love, sex, and adventure. These men believe in training, in determination, and in learning a skill. If you can learn to play a sport or an instrument, they believe, then you can learn to seduce women and build a more fulfilling lifestyle.

You can become a pick up artist. You can watch Neil Strauss Videos here. Casanova did it. You can too. Start by taking the Stylelife Challenge.

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