Picking Up Girls

Pickup lines – Pickup artist – PUA

Picking Up Girls - Pickup lines – Pickup artist – PUA

7 Steps To Picking Up Girls

You’ve heard about it. You’ve read about it.

But you still don’t understand how Pickup Artists go about picking up girls.

You’re probably an average guy. Nice enough, hard working, maybe you’ve had a few girlfriends here and there. But you’re curious. You wonder what it would be like to have your choice. To be able to pick up any girl you want.

Here Are A Few Ways To Start Picking Up Girls:

1) Don’t wait until the “time is right” to talk to a woman.

You’ll psyche yourself out and tell yourself, “I’ll walk over after this loud song is over” or “I’ll talk to her when she leaves the bar.” You’ll give yourself dozens of excuses and next thing you know, an hour will have passed with you staring at her, giving her the creeps.

Instead, approach within the first 3 seconds of seeing her.

2) Don’t hesitate to approach a group of women or even a group that contains men. This shows confidence on your part and oftentimes, you’ll discover the dudes are coworkers or family members.

3) Use an “opener” designed to generate a conversation. Good openers contain time constraints and roots to address subconscious queries that pop into her mind when you walk up. Neil Strauss’ Stylelife Academy has tons of effective and field-tested openers you can employ to guarantee a conversation begins. And remember, never start a conversation by apologizing. Comments like “Excuse me…” or “I’m sorry, but…” are not effective ways to launch a discussion.

4) Use “DHVs” or demonstrations of higher value to show that you’re different. While every other dude at the bar is droning on about his fantasy football team, you can read her palm or share a story about being hypnotized. This shows that you are unique and that you lead an interesting life.

5) Regardless of how cool and interesting she is, avoid the temptation to focus all your time and energy on her.

The average guy will stand there drooling over her all night long. It’s creepy for her and rude to her friends. Instead, treat the group as though you are their party host. Ensure that everyone is having a good time.

6) Don’t ask for her phone number.

This can put an awkward pall over the interaction where she is put in the position of judging you. Instead, mention a cool event or activity. Then say, “You seem like rock climbing might be your thing. Here’s my number so we can arrange an outing.” As you write your number down, hand her a blank piece of paper and a pen. The insinuation is for her to return your gesture by providing her own digits. Then it’s a fair exchange.

7) Finally, always keep this in mind…

The best way to pick up girls is to have something better to do than picking up girls. Lead an adventurous, challenging life. Develop an active social life with lots of friends and hobbies. Neil Strauss’ Stylelife Academy¬†helps men build the all-encompassing lives of their dreams, not simply improve their social life.

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